Components Overview

To understand how the components can be combined to establish a complete system please check out the pages under System Overview. The following components will slowly get their own pages. For now most relevant information is right under the headline

Motor controller


Know How


Selected Option

Mega Motor, Mega Motor Plus, Open Source Motor Controler (product page)

Other Options

Cytron 10A, 25V, Brushed Motor Controller ([]).
Pololu 50V Motor Controller ([]).
Wild Thumper 15A Dual Motor Controller ([]).
Overview of many motor controllers 10-30A ([]).
LadyYada Motor Shield ([]).

Battery Managment System

In case you use a plain battery here is an example of a fitting 22V 6S BMS PCB [].


We try to also use Mega Motor or Mega Motor Plus H-Bridge.

Low layer communication

(CANopen Library)
CANfestival or CANopenNode.
There is discussion that CANopen can run on 8 bit AVR CANopenNode may also run on 8 bit AVR (Arduino UNO) [

High layer communication

(EnergyBus Library)
not available yet.

Maximum Power Point Tracker

The open source "Free Charge Controller" is a kit desigend as Arduino shield. It can handle Photovoltaic panels up to 60W for 12V batteries and up to 18V PV voltage at around 5A (product page)

Human Machine interface


Tork Sensor

not available yet.

Speed Sensor

not available yet.

Arduinos with CAN

(CanDuino Requirements)

Handling CAN on Arduino

CANduino []



Arduino Uno
Sippino can be used as a standing board in Breadboard setups ([]).

Other Options

Cortino, an ARM3 based Arduino Hardware compatible (though not Arduino Software compatible) option that helps to drive software sinuses in the Arduino HexBridge. ([

CAN Shields

Seeedstudio CAN Shield
Sparkfun CAN Shield


Plugs should be planned for depending on the amperage the system shall be able to handle.

For information only: There are magnetic Hotplugs by Rosenberger (PDF). Those have an EnergyBus compliant equivalent (withouth the noses) that are available for EnergyBus Members.

Both plugs come for a price of up to 20€ per piece. They can't be bought in singular pieces.

Other types of normal plugs can also be used for much lower cost and somewhat less convenient.

Wifi Gateway

Wifi Shield

Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth Low Energy Shield (e.g. [])

Ethernet Gateway

Ethernet Duino

Power components

There is also a need for power components like batteries, motors and AC-DC converters. Those shall be sourced low cost from a widely available source. While it is still important that the components in general do their job. Please find an overview on the special page Power Components Overview.

USB Gateway

Peak gateway to be used for conformance Testing. Not open Source; roughly 195€ (base)/245€ (opto-decoupled) ([])
Systek gateway to be used with the EnergyBus Tool. Not open Source; roughly 170€
([]) or

EnergyBus Tool

The energybus tool is to be open source. It is planned to be delivered to the community in the first half of 2015.

CiA Conformance Test Tool

The "Can in Automation CANopen conformance test tool" allows conformance testing for CiA. Additionally it is planned to provide the EnergyBus Conformance Testing through a Profile as a scripting module. It is not open source. It is free of charge for CANopen members [].

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